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sertsanSertsan Plastik was founded in 2003 in Izmir and has started its activities by producing rubber hoses.

Steadily rising sales potential of our product line and in parallel to our customer portfolio, our product range has increased rapidly. In this context, Sertsan Plastik has started the production of Agricultural Irrigation Products, PPRC Pipes and Fittings.

Now, Sertsan Plastik continues to operate on two manufacturing plants, one in Ulukent Organized Industrial Zone with a 20.000 m2 production area and one in Menemen with 4000 m2.

Sertsan Plastik has become a follower of innovation with a team of qualified personnel in its Administrative Management, Production and Marketing Departments. Due to Sertsan Plastik’s continuous growth, wide range of products and quality service, its name has spread nationwide and in neighboring countries as a required brand.

Sertsan Plastik is a rising company with good quality products and a fair price policy and well-qualified personnel.

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