Our aim at Sertsan Academy is to raise awareness of irrigation equipment users and agricultural workers, and to create the necessary conditions for increasing efficiency in water consumption and creating sustainable agriculture.

As we know, the increase in the world population and the subsequent increase in the need for food will require new water resources. This will not be possible due to limited water resources.






In this case, it is necessary to be constantly informed about the latest achievements in order to increase the irrigation efficiency by increasing the knowledge in the field of water-soil-plant relations.






Sertsan Academy's main programs are as follows:

  • To provide continuous information on specialty topics by publishing up-to-date scientific information.
  • Providing consultancy and solutions to those operating in the field of irrigation and agriculture
  • Organizing training seminars
  • Supporting plans and innovations related to irrigation industry technologies
  • To create webinars and exchange meetings among irrigation experts to come up with the best solutions and others


Therefore, you are invited to follow our latest issues and take important steps by joining us in achieving the goal of sustainable agriculture.